Three Biggest Advantages of Using Professional Moving Boxes

Despite the fact that moving boxes are an important part of the moving process, many people don't choose them carefully enough. It's typical to try to save on expenditures in numerous ways, especially when relocating on a budget. Rather than buying new boxes, most people save money by reusing and re-purposing old ones to pack for a move.

There are numerous articles online about where to get free boxes, such as at your local grocery or liquor store, from your building super, from friends on social media, and so on, but when it comes to the protection of your belongings, we felt it was important to share some issues that frequently arise when using recycled boxes.

1. Uniformity and Identification

You've just spent so much time planning the ideal relocation. Why should this level of planning stop when it comes to packing, when you may make various checklists and phone companies for quotes? Though it may appear like utilizing old Amazon, shoe boxes, or whatever you can find is a smart idea, the uniformity that comes with using professional packing boxes in NYC cannot be overstated.

To begin with, most moving boxes have a place to mark the room or goods within the box, making unpacking that much easier. It will be much easier to identify the boxes when they arrive at their destination if you use a color-coding scheme depending on the room/contents of each box.

 You wouldn't want a building employee to come across random boxes and mistake them for trash in an emergency. To make this scenario impossible, uniform boxes with the same logo are plainly designated for moving.


2. Sanitary and Cleanliness Concerns

While free boxes from your supermarket, local grocery or liquor shop, or a friend's previous relocation may appear to be a good idea, they have the potential to attract pests into your new house.

In New York City, bedbugs have been regarded as an epidemic, especially during the summer. Clothing moths, cockroaches, beetles, and silverfish (all less dangerous than bedbugs) can also be found hiding in the folds of a repurposed box.

As a result, when packing your (hopefully fresh) boxes, make sure to wash your clothes and fabrics first, and dust and inspect your book collection for any signs of insect damage (this can include small brown pellets and holes).

3. Preventing Damage

There are a few characteristics that distinguish moving boxes from ordinary cardboard boxes. Small air gaps in between the cardboard absorb shock and decrease damage in this box design. To reduce your carbon footprint after the transfer, these boxes are both recyclable and biodegradable.

While the bulk of things shipped to you or the local retailer from which you received boxes will have the same corrugated walls, there's no way of knowing if these boxes have previously been tampered with while in transit.

Boxes come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and while the choices can be daunting, each box serves a specific purpose for the objects that should be placed within. This makes it easy for the movers and, as a result, your belongings are more secure throughout transit.

There are dedicated boxes for everything from your books to your linens, as well as extremely specialized television boxes that offer optimal safety for your flat-screen TV. If you've ever peeked inside a box, you'll know what we are talking about.

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