Museum of the Moving Image

The Museum of the Moving Image (MOMI) is an interactive museum that provides visitors with a look into the history of media and film. MOMI is located at 36-01 35th Ave, Queens, NY 11106  and has three floors of permanent exhibits, an archive library and an education center. The MOMEND (Moving Image Endeavor) project was started in 2006 to build digital collections for New York City schools, colleges and universities as well as libraries throughout the city. The collection includes digitized video footage from news programs and movies, photographs and artwork that were created using motion pictures. A wide array of programming has also been made available online.

MOMEND Collections

MOMEND’s collection of media content is available for research, screening and for use in curriculum. The content is organized into several different collections. The largest of these is the MOMEND Collection. The MOMEND Collection consists of thousands of hours of broadcast-quality content that can be used for research, screening or in a classroom setting.

New York City Department of Education Collections

The New York City Department of Education (DOE) has partnered with MOMI to create a collection of primary source footage for use in schools. This collection consists of footage from NYC public and private schools that are now in the archival library at MOMI. The footage is organized into the following categories: City Life, City Plans, School Life and School Discipline. The collection is searchable online and can be viewed on a variety of platforms including laptops, tablets, mobile phones and televisions.

Film Studies Collection

The Film Studies Collection contains thousands of films that were created in the 1920s and 1930s. The films include newsreels, documentaries, shorts and features. The films are available for viewing at the MOMI library and are also available to download and stream online. A majority of the films included in the collection were produced by the Pathé Brothers and Gaumont, which were two of the world’s largest film studios during this time period.

College and University Collections

The MOMI collection of films, images and content is being used by colleges and universities throughout the country to create their own digital collections or to supplement existing collections. For example, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has used the collection to create a historical timeline that covers the history of media. In addition to being used in classrooms, the MOMI collection has also been used by libraries, museums and other organizations for screening purposes. Click for next article.


MOMI is a great place to learn about the history of media and film. The museum has multiple collections and exhibitions that are educational and fun to explore. The MOMEND project provides free and easy access to hundreds of hours of content that can be used in research, screening and education programs. To find out more, visit the museum website or call 212-229-7000 to arrange a visit.

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