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NYC Moving Supplies is a well-known packing and supplying
company that will pack your materials professionally to be sure they will be transferred to your new home without any damage.

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Why NYC Moving Supplies?

NYC Moving Supplies has spent years serving our customers with satisfactory services. Our goal is to make your task more manageable and less stressful. When you call our experts, all you need to do is grab your cup of coffee and order! We provide:

Safe and careful packing of fragile items

Our trained workers will arrive with all the necessary materials and supplies at the agreed time. From supplying the boxes and packing materials - our team will treat your belongings with care as they would do with their own.

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Many families find packing stressful, exhausting, and time-consuming. They may take weeks to pack stuff with no knowledge of packing. In comparison, professionals at NYC Moving Supplies will complete the same job in a single day. Whether you want a last-minute packing or you want your items packed a day before the big day,
NYCMoving Supplies will be at your service!

Affordable packing service

NYC Moving Supplies, with years of experience, is at your service with reasonable prices in New York City.
We charge an hourly fee for labor depending on the number of packers we send out to you.  
Give us a call and get a free quote today, we’re confident you’ll be satisfied.

From the kitchen, bedroom to your entire home - We pack everything

If you haven’t moved yet, you must be unaware of the hustle and panic created during the entire process. We strive to meet all the unique packing needs of our valuable clients, whether simple or complex. Theservices we provide include:

  • Kitchen: including all the glassware, crockery, cleaning products, appliances

  • Wardrobe: including all your clothes, shoes, accessories. Don’t worry if you have more than one wardrobe. We pack each closet separately and label it clearly.

  • Living Room: including everything such as TV set, books, curtains, lamps, etc.

  • Bedroom: which includes all the pillows, fans, lamps, bedside tables, photos, etc.

  • Study: consisting of all the important documents, books, paintings, tech equipment and devices, storage furniture, and everything present in your study.

  • Garage:  including outdoor equipment, shelving, large appliances like vacuum cleaners, bicycles, tools, etc.

  • Entire Home:  including all the rooms and items in your house.

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Find Everything you need with ease!

We all are aware of the biggest challenge once we move - finding stuff inside the boxes. NYC Moving Supplies aims to provide comfort and ensures that our customers find everything they need with ease. We create a list of every item according to the box number. Once we are done packing, we hand that list to you. Now you can easily find anything by simply going through the list. You can always count on our experts to give you a reliable and fast service.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Materials we use in packing

To move your valuables with no damage, it is crucial to use suppliers that will help to pack items with maximum safety. Our experienced team will do its best to pack each item with care and use needed materials, including:

  • Moving boxes: using strong, the most suitable shape, size, and style of the box.

  • Bubble wrap: Depending on the fragile nature of the item, our professionals will roll it in the bubble wrap according to the needed width.

  • Packing paper: plain unprinted paper used by our experts to protect the surfaces of fragile items from chipping and breaking. Paper is used to wrap and provide cushioning of your belongings from damage and vibrations. It can also be used as a fill or void and for several other purposes.

  • Stretch Film: It is used to prevent items from catching dirt and stains. Rolling your valuables in as tretch wrap, our company promises no scratches, stains, and scrapes.

  • Mattress Covers: To protect your mattress from any dust and or dirt while making the move. We also carry chair and sofa covers.

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