The Best Type of Boxes to Pack Your Belongings In

When moving house, it’s likely that you’ll need to use different types of boxes to pack everything accordingly. It might seem like an endless variety of boxes available to you as a potential mover. However, when it comes down to the specifics, there are only so many box options available. Packing your belongings into the correct box type is crucial if you want to avoid damage and keep things organized once they’ve been moved into your new home. It can be tricky knowing which box is best for what you need to pack away. Whether clothes, kitchen utensils, or personal documents, read on for a breakdown of the three main types of boxes and their suitability for storing different belongings during a move.


Cardboard Boxes

If you were ever a child who played with toy bricks, you’d probably remember that they were stored in cardboard moving boxes Brooklyn. This is because cardboard boxes are the most common type of box that you’ll come across in your life as an adult too. These are the most budget-friendly and widely available boxes you can find when moving house. They are available in most supermarkets, hardware stores, or online. Cardboard boxes are easy to grab, stack and store, making them convenient for any household. They are the most suitable for storing clothes, books, and other light items. While cardboard boxes are better than nothing, they are not the strongest of boxes and are not suitable for storing anything that could get wet or be broken easily.


Storage Boxes

Unlike cardboard boxes, storage boxes are made from a different type of material. They are usually made of plastic and come in various sizes to suit whatever item you want to store. Storage boxes come with a lid that can be lifted or slid shut, and they are usually pretty easy to open and close when full. They are stronger than cardboard boxes, making them more suitable for storing fragile items. They are also waterproof but ensure that the box you buy has a tight seal. It’s worth noting that storage boxes can be purchased in various colors. While this may not seem like a big deal, it can make a big difference when moving as it can help you organize your belongings in the new house. Due to watertight storage boxes, they are also suitable for storing items that could get wet. They are suitable for storing towels, bedding, or anything else that could get ruined if it became wet.



When it comes to moving house, you’ll likely have to pack up many of your belongings. It’s best to pack them in the correct type of box to avoid damage, but what kind of box should you use? There are three main boxes to choose from: cardboard boxes, storage boxes, or wrapping and fragile boxes. It’s best to use a box that’s suitable for what you’re packing, such as fragile boxes for glassware or wrapping boxes for towels. Using the right type of box for your belongings can help to reduce the chances of them being damaged in transit.

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