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Are Bigger Moving Boxes Better?

No they are not.
Many people believe that only super large sized boxes are good for moving, and they will somehow spend less money on their supplies if they buy only big. This is not the case. For example, you would not want to use large moving boxes filled with books, as 1.5 cubic boxes would be ideal instead. Many books combined get heavy and if the carton is too large it literally can be too heavy for movers to carry.  Some movers have their customers unpack certain boxes because they can not effectively be transported, or it will take the movers too long since they are too heavy. Boxes of various sizes affect how much damage will occur inside. For example, if you pack large cardboard moving boxes with many different things inside of it, each of those items could potentially damage the other. Versus if you use the correct size for what you are trying to pack without mixing multiple items, you will not have damages.